The Travelers

I am Lotus (formerly Semi-Hippie Solo Mom and formerly Honeysuckle). A lotus grows up out of the mud and muck on the bottom of a pond and towards the sun until it bursts out of the water and floats a beautiful flower. The journey of the lotus reminds me of the journey I’ve been on. I spent 10 years as a solo mom (I like solo mom better than single mom because single mom sounds too much like a dating status and parenting and dating are two very seperate things). Then I met the man that I thought was “the one.” I sold my house and moved my daughter and our two dogs 45 minutes away. Two months in, I realized that he and I were not on the same page but more like in two seperate worlds. I stuck it out to be sure that it wasn’t just about adjusting to each othe’s ways. It wasn’t. So, I’m back here, picking myself up and making sure that all the lessons I need to learn are learned.

imagesCA6LUDUKMy daughter, Willow (formerly Dancing Chick), is a dancing around , wicked smaht, animal-loving, list-making, too much tv watching, dog feeding, only half the time listening, creative, writing stories, book-toting, recycling, 13 year-old mini-me who saves me from myself every day.

And then there are the furry girls:


Daisy is a Golden Retriever but thinks she’s everyone’s mother.

And Ivy…a great big ball of furry love.

I’ve started calling myself a solo mom because single mom sounds like a description of my dating status, not my parenting status. I  have been a solo mom doing it on my own  for almost 14 years now (I count my time while pregnant too since I’ve been doing it alone from the beginning!) and have learned a thing or two on how to be a good parent and have learned many things about how to avoid being a bad parent. But that’s how life goes. Pick your ass up and learn from your mistakes and do it quick because there is always something that needs to be done. No time for self-pity!


5 thoughts on “The Travelers

  1. Wild Roaming One

    Nice to meet you SHSM! I was just posting something on my blog and couldn’t believe that I’ve got followers ~ and you’re one of them! I appreciate our connection, mom to mom, woman to woman, hippie to hippie!


  2. Gaia

    hello, I am so happy to have come across this blog. Me too doing it a long long time. Even when he’s around it’s as good as not being around. Cheerio.

  3. Amira

    Hey, SHSM! Sorry that it’s taken me so long to visit and comment. Months of catch-up all happening now.

    Thank you for being a follower at my blog. I’ve linked you up. Wish you all the best in this new year.

  4. Ajith

    I just came across your page and could not help not leaving without a comment.
    First of all I like your attitude.! I am almost a person like you, but I don’t watch that much TV. But Buddhist and practicing meditation etc.
    I like to see the world in it’s real nature. I am a truth seeker, and believe that real truth is within our own minds.
    May be we can be friends, and sometimes discuss some issues along the path to the truth.


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