My first first date

So Friday night I stepped out to have a beer with a guy that I met on okCupid. I’ve been on and off that site for a couple of months now trying to decide if I was ready to start dating. After exchanging a few emails with this guy he asked if I wanted to meet for coffee. Well, my parenting status  schedule got in the way and after several tries, we ended up meeting for a couple of beers.

I was nervous because in his pictures on the site, he was really, really good-looking and he seemed to be pretty intelligent (expect for some bad spelling and your vs. you’re issues but I was trying to stop the grammar nazi in me from noticing). So I got the Best Friend on Facetime and he helped me get ready with some shits and giggles added in to help me relax a bit.

So, off I go to meet him.  He met me out in front of the restaurant and he was just a good-looking as his pictures. After a short wait we make our way in and sit down. The conversation is rolling and we are talking about all the things you aren’t supposed to talk about on a first date….politics, religion, exes, etc.  But the conversation flowed and I was very comfortable (probably due to the tall Stella I had in front of me as well). We sat and chatted for four hours and overall it was easy conversation. One problem, we have very different views on a lot of those things. So, I guess talking about those “don’t talk about them on a first date” things was actually a good idea.  At the end of the night he hugged me (no kiss)  and said that he hoped we could do this again and I was thinking, ya know, it can’t hurt. He did say some things that had me really thinking and there were no real deal breakers so maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to try again. Well, it’s now Tuesday and I haven’t heard from him so I’m guessing that our differences were too much for him.

But the best part of all this…..that’s ok. I’m ok with that. I put myself out there and dipped my toe in the dating pool and it felt good. I had a thought-provoking conversation with an intelligent man and it’s been a really long time since I have done that. The fact that him not calling hasn’t made me feel like crap about myself, shows me that I am ready to get back out there.

So, a little revising of my dating profile and I’m ready for some more! I’m going into this with a positive attitude. I’m not going to think about how much dating sucks, I’m going to look at as an opportunity to have some fun. Less interview like, more just enjoying the free drinks moment.


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