Run Lotus, Run!

I’ve done the Couch to 5K running plan before…..but I did it all on the treadmill. I was completely shocked when I couldn’t even run five minutes on the road when I could easily run 30 minutes on the treadmill. WTF!?!? Guess what, it’s much easier to run on a treadmill than on the road because you’re not actually propelling yourself forward on the treadmill. Duh!

This time is different. This time I’m signing up for a 5k and doing it with Willow and possibly my mother (she didn’t get up in time this morning so jury is still out on that verdict). Once I make it through this week, I will be signing up for the The Color Vibe 5k Run. It looks like a blast and Willow almost peed her pants she was so excited when I showed her.c25k

Saturday all three of us got out there and did Week 1, Day 1 of the plan and did pretty good. Willow, as usual, bounced around like it was nothing but my mom had a little trouble finishing the running intervals though not bad for a woman who is almost 60 and hasn’t run a day in her life. She told me this past summer that she had read about Jamie Lee Curtis doing the Couch to 5k program and that she wanted to run a 5k before she turned 60. but she hasn’t done anything about it since then. So, when I showed her the race, she started with the excuses. ‘Oh, I don’t want paint in my face. There’s not enough time to be ready for it. It’s all young people. I think I need a different program for someone like me’….oh you mean for people getting off the couch and running..yeah, it’s called the Couch to 5k. I told her after she was done running through all her excuses either you do it or you don’t. And she did. We will see if she follows through.

So, I was up at 5am this morning and out the door with Daisy into the 26 degree cold (did you know that pants made out of wicking material (what the heck is that stuff??) actually wick the heat away from your legs too, I think. That’s what it felt like anyway. Sweatpants for me until it gets warmer!!) and walked 2.1 miles. I decided that in order to keep myself on track, I need to get out there every day. I can too easily say “I’ll do it tomorrow” if I don’t have a plan for every day. But running on a Monday morning is the fastest way to get me to quit the program. So, running on Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday with a 30 minute walk the rest of the days.

The race is May 25th so we shall see if I follow through with this. I’ve told people at work and told everyone on Facebook that I’m doing it so hopefully that will keep me going. Only time will tell. The last time I started training with this program out on the road, I let people and life get in the way of finishing. I’ve learned the hard way how important it is to not let anyone else get in the way of your goals!


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