Five Reasons Why I Heart My Kindle

I was not paid to write this post. I was just  so against the Kindle and any eReader before and have fallen so much in love with my Kindle that I want to explain to those out there still holding out.

woman reading

A couple of years ago my brother asked if I wanted a Kindle for Xmas. I said that I didn’t like the idea of an eReader. I loved my books too much. I love to have them all around me. I even use them as decoration in my house. I feel more centered when I’m surrounded by books. And I didn’t like the idea that book stores were going out of business because of eReaders. My favorite place in the whole wide world is in a book store. My parents took my daughter to Disney World for a week a couple of years ago. I went to a book store and spent four hours just browsing. Excessive? Yes. Did I feel like it was a waste of time? No!

 A year later I was talking with a couple of people who have the same book obsession as me but also have Kindles. They loved their Kindles and said they would be lost now without them. So, I took the leap and bought myself a Kindle. And I will never go back.


And this is why:

1. Digital books are cheaper, usually. I won’t buy a Kindle book that is more expensive than the paperback. I just won’t do it. And usually if you wait a bit, the price will go down. And there are a sites that will tell you when books are free and discounted. I get the Pixel of Ink daily newsletter that has free and discounted books so I have a bunch of free books downloaded and ready to go for those times when money is too tight to be buying new books. There is also a section of free Kindle books on Amazon. And I recently found an article called 25 Places to Get Free Kindle Books over at Freebies. I haven’t tried out all of them yet but they look pretty promising.

2. I’m usually in the middle of several books at the same time. So every time I would leave the house I had to decide which book to bring with me or bring several. Leaving the house without one was not an option and those days when I forgot to bring one, could be like the end of the world. You see, for me, there is nothing worse than having a few free minutes and no book to read. So when I downloaded the Kindle app on my phone, it meant that I had all my books with me at all times.  How freakin dorky cool is that?!?!? But I couldn’t read on my phone all the time. It’s just too small and requires too much page turning so a lot of the times I will bring my Kindle along with me. kindleapp

3. The second I finish my book, I can download another one. No more waiting to have time to go to the book store or waiting for them to come in the mail. Being in the middle of an excellent series and having to wait foto get the next one when you know it’s already been published is like torture!  Now I can have it in literally 30 seconds. I do, however, still browse around bookstores when I can. You can always download a book on your Kindle that you find in a bookstore.

4. You can read those embarrassing mommy porn self-help books without anyone knowing!

5.  And of course the tree-hugger in me loves that less trees are being killed so I can read books.

I loved it so much that when they came out with the Paperwhite version a year later, I just had to have it. I didn’t want the Kindle Fire because you couldn’t read it outside in the sun but I also hated that in the dark I still had to use a reading light (and they are expensive so I bought a cheap one that was a pain in the butt). So, in order to rationalize buying a new one, in my mind, when I had a perfectly good one, I gave my Kindle Touch to Willow.

I still feel  bad about book stores going out of business but I think because Barnes and Noble has their own eReader, they will be around for a while. And I still love all the books that I have collected. If I do read a book that becomes another new favorite, I will buy it in paper form to add to my collection to be passed down.

Anyone else no longer an anti-Kindle-ite?


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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