2013 Goal #4 Mindful eating

gaols 2013

Hi my name is Lotus and I’m a junk food addict. Hi Lotus.

I have a frustratingly stupid addiction. Junk food. I have an emotional relationship with food. Maybe it’s more of a emotional addiction to junk food because I crave it when I’m sad and I want it to celebrate when I’m happy and I use it to cover up hurt.

I read over at Zen Habits I was reading about Mindful Eating and it made sense. Basically, it’s being in the moment when we eat. Noticing what we are eating and being aware of how our body feels while we eat, especially our stomachs. I downloaded a couple of books, Mindful Eating by Thich Nhat Hanh and Lilian Cheung and You Losing Weight by Dr. Oz but have not yet finished either yet so I don’t have a plan to set in motion for that yet.

Eating right has always been my biggest obstacle to losing weight. I think this is going to require a comibination of learning to eat right and getting my head on straight so this one is going to be a little tougher. The first step in my plan is to put an actual plan together. Something that I have never tried before.


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