2013 Goal #2 Creativity

gaols 2013

Whether reading, writing, playing guitar, creating some lotions and potions or some new craft, I need to step up my creativity.

I’ve already done the first thing to rev up my creativity and that was to get this blog up and running again and posting regularly. Now I just need to continue with that

The second thing that I want to do is get back to guitar lessons. I found out that the place that Willow will be taking her dance lessons, also offers music lessons. And, the teacher is ok with me only attending lessons every two weeks so that will cut the monthly bill from $60 to $30! Can’t beat that, especially since I was paying $86 a month at the last place. alone-sad-girl-hurts-guitar-playingI would like to write songs some day. I have a ton of poetry that I have written since I was around 8 years old. I would like to be able to start writing lyrics and put them to music. I know it will be a while before I can do that, but I have plenty of time. For now, I’m going to continue to learn how to read music (not the most exciting thing but I want to be able to pick up any piece of music and play it) and practice, practice, practice.

Willow and I also got a book on knitting from Santa. I’m hoping that is something that we can also do during “tween time”. My goal is to have knit one scarf by the end of the year…no matter how ugly it is.  knitting

I would also like to start creating some more soap and lotions but with my hovering mother, it’s not exactly relaxing. Spending any more than 3 minutes in the kitchen brings in the hovering mom and then all fun is just out the window. So, that may have to wait until I find my own place.

soap making

These are just a couple of the ways I want to rev up my creativity. There may be more things I want to try as I go along but this is my plan for now.


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