I read a lot of blogs. I mean A LOT!! I had bookmarks on my iPhone to try to keep up with them all, that didn’t work. I tried to use the reader option, that didn’t work. I tried google’s thing to keep track, and guess what! That didn’t work.  And so many countless others. Then last week I was frustrated again with having to go thru each bookmark to see if anyone had written anything new. Usually when I do this, I have just a little bit of time between this and that and want to pass the time. There is nothing more frustrated than trying to pass the time by reading some of my favorite blogs but ending up spending the time just searching for anything new.

Then I found this app called Bloglovin. bloglovinThe app is on my iPhone and you can also go to and use it there from your PC (I also use the website on my iPad because there is no iPad app for it yet). You can put your blogs into groups so I can decided if i want to read one of the single parent blogs I read or a going green one very easily.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin and all the other blogs you read too!


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