Tween Time

I’ve been reading “The Everything Tween Book” and I came to a section about spending time with your tween. I thought, well, she acts like any time I try to spend with her is just awful. But the book says that they do want more time with mom but that they can’t express that because #1: they suck at communication and #2: that is so uncool!

tween book

So I decided to set aside time each night for this. Our routine has been that at 8:00pm Willow went to bed to either read or watch tv (ok, she chooses tv every time). Then at 8:30pm its all electronics off and reading until 9:00pm which is lights out. I usually spend that time watching tv or reading myself. So, tonight I’m going to implement “Mommy and Tween Time” from 8:00pm to 8:30pm. I have to remember that her groan doesn’t mean that she doesn’t really want to spend time with me, but that she is just trying to be cool.

So, I made a list of things that we could do together in that half hour of time every day:

  • Play Rummy
  • Walk the dogs (this will have to wait until the sun starts to be out longer)
  • Knitting (Santa brought us a how to knit book for Xmas)
  • Sewing (though I would need to find the box that my sewing machine and stuff are in so that might wait too)
  • Writing stories
  • Baking dog treats (found some recipes on Pinterest!)
  • Teaching the dogs tricks
  • Make a t-shirt quilt out of all the t-shirts she has grown out of (this may be just collecting the t-shirts now and cutting them up until we move and I have my sewing machine out again)
  • Doing all the crafts that I have  found on Pinterest.

Do you have set aside time each day to spend with your tween or teen? What do you do?


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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