One word for the new year

I was reading over at Bohemian Single Mom and she was talking about this idea of using one word to keep you on track through the year. I thought that sounded like a good idea and so I stuck it in the back of my head. Then when my friend and I went to our second Unitarian Universalist service, the minister was talking about the same thing. Two things popped into my head: This is the church that I have been searching for my whole life. And, damn, the universe is really hitting me over the head with this idea.

wordsSo, here is the gist of it. What is the one, main thing you want to work on this year? Pick a word that will help you to remember to do just that. Say you want to learn to be more grateful, your word would be gratitude. Say you want to be more understanding of what other people are going through, your word would be empathy. One word that you can say to yourself to snap you back when you get off track from who you want to be.

My problem is that there are so many things that I want to change this year that I’m having trouble picking one word. But, I need to pick it because I plan on creating  goals for the year to help me move towards the me I want to be and I want those goals to reflect my word for the year.

Anyone else taking on this idea?


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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