A New Year and a New Start!

2012 started with the belief that I had met “the one” (I even told my mother that, that’s how sure I was) and that we were starting our happily ever after in our new house. Fast forward to the end of 2012, and it all fell apart.

Initially when it was all falling apart, I had convinced myself that I would never be able to make a relationship work. I had done everything that I thought I was supposed to do and it still didn’t work. Add my relationship track record to that, I was positive that I was the problem and there was no reason to even consider trying again.

A little time removed from the hurt and pain of it all, and I’ve started to see it in a different light. Yes, my past relationships issues had been my fault. I was unable to give all of myself and really be in an adult relationship. But this time, I had pushed past that and worked hard to make the relationship work. This time I did all the things that I had never been able to do before like compromising and allowing myself to completely rely on someone. So, that means that I really can be in an adult relationship. Just because this one didn’t work, doesn’t mean I can’t do it, because, duh, I did do it. I did and I can again. I just need to take my own advice and pay more attention to the red flags.

This year I’m going to continue to work on me. I have some goals in mind for this year. I’m not calling them resolutions because that creates too much pressure. There’s a whole lot of self exploration that’s going to be taking place. I’m putting together my list of goals and will be talking about them more a little later.

Here’s to a better life in 2013!



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