Cover letters, resumes, and interviews…oh my

All this interviewing and job searching has got me thinking about what I want to do with the rest of my life. There are people out there who make a living from something they love and feel strongly about so why can’t I.  With the perfect chance to start anew I starting meditating on what I want to be when I grow up.

I’ve been doing Human Resources stuff for a bit now and had planned on getting my Professional Human Resources certification so I could go into HR management but that doesn’t really get me all excited. What gets me all fired up and excited???  Going Green! I’m always, always giving people advice, solicited and not solicited, on how to go green. I’ve given a bit of advice on here on ways to go green. So wouldn’t it be great to help people go green who really want to and save our Earth?!??!  That would be the greatest thing ever! 

So, I started doing a little research on what I could do now. There are companies out there that you can pay for their kit and training and then go to people’s houses and do an audit, but I don’t like that idea. I want to be a professional and a couple of hours training a professional does not make. Plus, I don’t want to peddle overpriced “green” products. It’s so easy to go green and save money! I make my own cleaning products that I could easily teach people to make. I make all my own beauty products (hair and skin) but I won’t give those recipes away. They are going to be passed down to my daughter. But I a m working on getting that little business back up and running (turns out I wasn’t as far in over my head as the SCORE guy told me I was. Not sure if that was a sexist thing or not) and my products are going to be reasonably priced so everyone can afford to have all natural products. So why not start my own Eco Consulting business. I could help people make their homes greener and help businesses go green!  And to be considered a professional, I’m going to get my MBA in Energy and Sustainability Studies!  I’m researching different schools right now.  But to start I’m going to take the green part out of this blog and start a going green blog to get some ideas out there and get a good fan base for when I’m ready to start the business.

It’s really amazing how much better you feel when you have an idea that you are really excited about!!


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