My little business may be a little more than I can handle

I went and talked to my SCORE counselor this morning and I’m thinking I may be getting in over my head.  My lotion business idea will require me to have a lot more up front than I had realized.  Now that I see the big picture, it’s huge! 

So, while I’m in the process of looking for an 8-5 job, I will be doing something else to give me a little bit of extra money. I’m going to start doing all natural dog grooming from my house. I do it with my own dogs and my parent’s dogs so I have everything I need. Plus, I have been doing some reading on dog massages and home-made all natural dog treats.  I want their furry family to feel like part of our furry family.

Once I come up with a name, I’m going to print up some business cards and put some out at the vet offices near me and anywhere else they will let me.

I actually feel pretty good about this. I don’t have the doubts that I had with the lotion business.  I’m actually excited instead of scared this time.


4 thoughts on “My little business may be a little more than I can handle

  1. T

    I LOVE this idea. I used to do these things for my doggie when I had a dog. Hope you live in an area where people respond!

    1. Semi-Hippie Solo Mama Post author

      I just got a book on doggie massage to make it a whole holistic experience for them. I know how nervous dogs get when they go somewhere new. I want their parents to feel like they have nothing to worry about when they leave their furry kids with me…lol


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