To date or not to date….that is no longer the question

After my friend from the left coast Lil’Devil Mama put herself bravely back into the dating pool, I decided to give it yet another shot. Once again, I found myself not really wanting to respond to the emails I was getting. I was having conversations with a couple of guys but I didn’t have any desire to take it any further than online friends to talk to.  I sent them each an email explaining that I had realized that I needed to work on me so I was going to take my profile down.  I wanted to make sure that they didn’t think that I had just lost interest in them, that’s a not so great feeling.

So, back to being happy being single, again. Ignoring the rules that society has created for woman.  Allowing myself to just be my happy being alone self.

Then, today I found the coolest blogger chick at Mely Speaks and she has created the best project ever, The Fabulously Single Project. What an amazing idea!!! What a perfect way to show society that it’s ok to be single!! There will be challenges and the first one I’m already having a smidge of trouble with:

“Go out to lunch or dinner, IN A RESTAURANT, by yourself”

Now I have no problem eating in a restaurant by myself. I’ve done it before and have been perfectly fine with it. It’s the extras that I’m not sure I can do:

You are also not allowed to:

A) Bring a book, newspaper, or magazine to read during your meal

B) Tweet, text, surf the web, do work or make any calls via your cell, or laptops for that matter.

B is no problem for me but I have always had a book with me when eating solo. I love to read. It’s my favorite “for me” thing to do. It would feel like a waste of very valuable reading time. Or maybe I’m just too chicken to just sit with myself out in public. I can do it in my living room while meditating easily. It’s not that I’m afraid of my own thoughts, I just feel like it wouldn’t be meditative for me….just wasting time…..


5 thoughts on “To date or not to date….that is no longer the question

  1. Kristin

    Piece of cake for you.. i know you can do it…sit at the bar and strick up conversations with people about anything.


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