When it rains, it pours..and then your basement floods.

And you have a basement waist deep in water…..

This has been the worst couple of weeks ever. First I get laid off, then on the way home from seeing The Lion King in Boston (amazing, powerful performance, BTW), all hell breaks lose. The wind was horrendous and driving in my little rag top Jeep down I93 was the worst drive of my life. . Luckily, Dancing Chick was asleep in the back and didn’t hear the very bad words that her mother was using or hear the terror in her voice. We finally get off the highway and once over the NH border, pitch black. The first time down the major road to my house, there is a tree across the road. Turn around. Try another way…tree down across the road. Try another way, power lines on the road. Try another way, tree and power lines across the road, turn around to go back the way I just came and there is a huge tree across the road that we had just driven down. That is when the panic set in. Luckily it was midnight by then and dark enough that Dancing Chick (who woke up once we got off the highway) couldn’t see the tears running down my face. I throw it into four wheel drive and drive around the tree through someone’s muddy yard.

Desperation sends me back down the main road to my house hoping that someone has moved the tree. Somehow the tree has been moved. We are driving along dodging blowing branches and about a half mile from our house I see this light going back and forth across the trees . We get over the hill and two firemen are standing there blocking the road. That was it for me and I lost it. The fireman came up to the window and I tearfully begged him to help us. He pulled his chief over to the window and the chief said there are trees down and lines down lower than the roof of my Jeep. But, we can park and he will walk us down to our house, though he can’t promise a tree won’t fall on us. Ummm, not an option.

Turned around again. I decided to try to get to my parents house and get Dancing Chick to safety and then rescue our poor dogs who were probably scared to death (not to mention the picture in my head of a giant tree through our house with my dogs stuck inside). We get to the road to their house and there is a power line across the road. It’s flat on the road so I tell DC to pick up her feet and not touch anything. This may not have been the smartest move but with no power anywhere I figured it was very likely that this line was dead and I had to get DC somewhere safe.  And we were not safe at all out on the road. So I made sure she had her feet up and wasn’t touching anything (I’m glad I couldn’t see her little face in the mirror because I know she was terrified) and stomped on the gas. Over we go and onto my parent’s house. We get there and my dad comes running out. I send Dancing Chick in with my mother and tell my dad I’m going to try to get to my house. He gives me his truck keys and tells me to take his truck. My hands are shaking so bad that I drop the keys three times just trying to press the button to unlock the doors. My dad picks the keys up and says he’s driving. And off we go.

Of course there is a tree down on the road between their house and mine but that doesn’t stop my dad. He throws the truck into four wheel drive and runs up on the side of the road through the mud. Down one more street and I can see my house. No tree through it and the road is clear. I open the front door and Wonder Dog jumps up on me and then runs around in circles. I can hear Furball-in-Training making this awful howling noise in her kennel.  I let her out and she jumps up three feet into my arms. Wonder Dog comes over and just starts licking the both of us. I will never know how traumatized those two were in the house that night.

Down to the basement I go. I have two sump pumps and with no power, they were obviously not working. After two hours of no power, the water was about a foot deep. Shaking my head, I get the dogs into their harnesses and get the hell outta there.

The next day, I head over to see the damage. My basement is waist deep in water and the furnace is covered.  With no chance of power in the foreseeable future, I call the Fire Department to try to pump my basement out. Two engines and two and a half hours later, the crawl space side (I have basically two basements. The original crawl space side and the new additions full basement) is still ankle deep in water but the furnace is uncovered. The full side is still waist deep in water. The next day I go back and it’s almost back up to where it started.

Four days later, and the power comes back on. The sump pumps do their job and leave me with a basement full of wet stuff.  Still not having heard from the insurance adjuster after calling every day, several times, I head to the agent’s office.  That’s when I get the bad news. I don’t have the sump pump endorsement on my insurance so nothing is covered. I’m pissed. No one told me I needed this. There is no way I would have said no to $36 a year. When I bought the house, my biggest fear was what would happen in the basement if the sum pumps stopped working.  After having a breakdown in his office, he says he is going to get a hearing to see if this can be covered. I get a phone call yesterday that they are going to cover me but none of the personal stuff is covered. For a second, I’m pissed but then I think of how much it will cost to have the basement dried out, etc and I’m ok with the outcome.

Laid off one week and the next week have a basement full of water with no major breakdown….I can handle anything from here on out!


6 thoughts on “When it rains, it pours..and then your basement floods.

  1. JJ Boudreau


    That was a serious story. I am sorry for your circumstances with the lay-off and with your basement.

    As a basement waterproofing professional I have some advice for you to avoid this in the future. Having a battery back-up system installed and connected to both of your sump pumps will give you somewhere between 3-15 hours of water pumping after the power outage.

    Of course that will not do you any good if the power is out for a few days in a row so you may also want to consider getting a generator that will automatically kick on during a power outage.

    Both of these options can be pricey but the generator may be your best option. You can have it solely dedicated to the sump pumps with proper wiring and even add an outlet to your main living space.

    I wish you good luck in the future and really enjoyed your style of writing. I will be back!

  2. Mindy@SingleMomSays

    OMG, what a nighmare! Kinda sounds liek one of my weeks! Glad you got the insurance to cover it though. As for the personal stuff? That sucks but like you said, at least you got the repair covered.

    Hope next week is better for you!

  3. vinomom

    God that all sounded terrifying! I’ve never driven through anything like that. At least you were able to get DC safely to your mom’s house. We had the basement flood two years ago and the whole process was a nightmare. Thank god we had sewer backup coverage and they replaced everything! Our basement was hideous before, though, so we kinda lucked out and got new paint and flooring with a little money left over.


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