Keep the dryer heat that you pay for, inside.

Have you ever gone outside while doing laundry in the winter and noticed the huge cloud of steam spewing out of the side of your house?  Ever think that you are paying for that steam yet spitting it out into the cold? I did. But I thought that there was nothing that you could do about it. Well there is!

This is an indoor dryer vent. You fill the bucket on the bottom with water and the lint ends up in the water. It’s not hard to set up either. You just pull the dryer tube off the hole you have in your wall (or in the floor. Mine vents into the basement then out) and attach it to the top of the indoor dryer vent bucket. Just make sure you tighten it really tight because if it pops off, you will have a confetti-like room of lint. My dryer is on the main floor so I don’t know how much good this will do if your dryer is in the basement.

The first time I tried this was in November and it made the house feel very humid and sticky. The next time I tried it was in January when it was cold for a while and the heat had been on for a couple of months. Your windows will fog up but the air in your house will feel so much better and the temperature will go up by anywhere from 5-10 degrees, depending on how many loads you have to do and what you are drying (towels seem to give off the most heat and moisture which makes me very happy because I hate wasting electricity for 60 minutes to try them).

Not only will the indoor dryer vent help keep your house nice and warm, it may also help your immune system. One of the reasons we get sick in the winter is because of the dry air that we are breathing all winter long. Dry mucus membranes can make you more susceptible to colds. If obviously have no scientific proof of this, I’ve just read sine on the subject. I definitely can’t hurt. It will also help people who get bloody noses easily in the winter time.

So, head out to your hardware store (Lowes had a different kind but I don’t know how well that kind works).  That also have some at


6 thoughts on “Keep the dryer heat that you pay for, inside.

  1. vinomom

    That is a pretty neat idea! Ours are in the basement though, so I don’t know how much it would help, but it’s interesting. I never thought about the steam being used to heat anything.

  2. Kate

    My mom has one of these because she doesn’t have a vent & it scares me big time. Her basement gets so humid that she keeps a dehumidifier on 24/7 and she’s blown through 3 of them in the past few years (probably more for them than to hire a guy to install a vent!)

    please google “indoor dryer vent” and you’ll see contractors talking about how bad of an idea this is. Between the humidity potentially damaging your belongings or your home and the potential for fires, this is a really bad idea.

    (PS getting my moms dryer vent outside is high on my to-do list!)

    1. Semi-Hippie Solo Mama Post author

      I agree that using an indoor dryer vent inside the basement all year round is a bad idea. Like I said in my post, I’m suggesting using it only in the wintertime when the air in your home is very dry (like in January after the heat has been drying out your home for several months). I would never use it any other time because you are right, it would create too much humidity in the house. I’m suggesting you use it to add moisture to your home when we need it the most. As for it being a fire hazard, replacing the water after every other (or every three loads) will keep that from happening. If you never bother to remove the lint or add more water, that would definitely be a fire hazard. You just have to be smart about it.


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