My own business…a pipedream or a real possibility?

I’ve been making my own lotion for a little while now. I started when I read some info on the harmful effects that all the chemicals in skin care products can have on children.  I brought some to work and my friends liked it. Especially one of my co-workers who thought it would be a great idea to start selling it.  Now his idea of selling it meant charging $40 a bottle and selling it at fancy boutiques where rich women go, blah, blah, blah.  Not at all my plan.  My demographic is for the single moms, young moms or moms with tweens who are on a budget but want to use natural skin care on themselves and their children.  I’ve been experimenting with different stuff and I think I have it now. 

I started with a Facebook page (see it there on the right?) to just see how much interest there is out there.  Of course my friends and family fanned the page but then I started getting people I don’t even know.  Now it’s only been a few but the page hasn’t been up that long and I haven’t done any advertising.  Then I had my friend design a logo for me (well, more like annoyed the crap out of a friend while she designed a logo for me).  

Next step is to figure out how I want to register my business.  I’m worried about being a sole-proprietor because of the possible liability issues that could come up. If I had my house taken from me because of this that would pretty much be the end of the world. So, I’m thinking about registering it as an LLC.  No liability for me but costs more to register and I would have to file an annual report every year which costs $100.  Then there are the taxes. But I figure I’d be having an accountant doing my taxes anyway. But how much will it cost for that? 

My self-sabotaging self keeps telling me that there is no way I can do this. I have no follow-through, no business sense, no money, and just plain not smart enough.  But then I look at my beautiful, smart, awesome daughter and remember that I need to be a confident role model for her. And I need to build something for her future. 

For now I’m writing a business plan and seeing where that takes me.  With talk of more layoffs at work, I realize that I really need to do something myself to make sure that I can continue to feed, clothe and shelter my daughter.


4 thoughts on “My own business…a pipedream or a real possibility?

  1. Michele

    Oh darlin, Good for you!!!
    I think it’s great that you are thinking of taking something you love and starting up your own business.
    I’ve been in business for myself for years, and frankly I was scared to death! I don’t think I would have taken that leap if I wasn’t forced into it!
    I say, DO IT!!!
    The bookkeeping end of it wont cost you as much as you think, and there is a TON of right offs.

    I jumped in, and just operated as a “little extra cash under the table” for a while, then learned the rest as I went along.
    I remember feeling overwhelmed over the things I thought I needed to do, it’s not as much as you think.

    You go, Darlin!!
    If you start delivering, I’ll order some!!!! 😉

    1. Semi-Hippie Single Mama Post author

      Thank you!!! That is very reassuring. I’m taking it slow and learning as I go.

      I actually have a website that I need to get set up. But first I have to get the business registered so I don’t get in trouble. This weekend I am making some samples. I can send some for you and Trinity. Email me your address to if you would like some.

    1. Semi-Hippie Single Mama Post author

      Thank you! It’s a learning experience. And I have a feeling that I will be learning A LOT as I go. Thanks for fanning my page! I’m going to be getting some samples ready sto ship out soon so watch for that on my fanpage!


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