I heart snow

I love snow!  No, I LOVE snow.  The world turns into a white covered fairy tale. The little flakes blowing around in the air, the branches covered in snow, and the clean smell just make me so happy.  Have you ever smelled the air after it’s been snowing?  It’s such a fresh clean smell, even better than rain.  I love that you just can’t go anywhere.  Or if you do, it has to be slow.  It slows the whole world down and I feel like I can finally stop and breath. 

It’s funny because people are always trying to convince me that snow is bad but no matter what they say, I still love it.  This past weekend I had to shovel my driveway for the first time and I still love snow. Snow forts, snow angels, sledding, dogs digging, hot cocoa, cuddling up with my favorite person, fires (well, as soon as I get my wood burning stove up to code), and a winter wonderland are a few of my favorite things.


7 thoughts on “I heart snow

  1. sleeplessinsimi

    I love snow too! How long have you lived in NH? I am in Sunny So Cal. Lived in Texas for 3 years and they had a few “snow”days. Loved it! I have always wanted to live in NH, Maine or Vermont. People think I am nuts because I have no idea what it is like to live in that much snow…but I want weather! Enjoy your Winter Wonderland!

  2. vinomom

    Snow is pretty for about 8 hours. Then it turns into slush and gray piles on the side of the streeet. Ugh.

    The only upside of snow is Snow Day = Drinking Day. You always get to drink by 1 pm if it’s snowing. Always. It’s The Law.

  3. Big City Dad

    I love snow as well but in NYC it gets gross and grey pretty quickly. The best thing is to go to Central Park and watch it fall though. If I can get out of the city for a good snowstorm, my favorite is the be in the woods isolated where the snow is undisturbed and new. There’s just something about seeing it when no one else has been there. It’s like a clean slate in life. Hope we get some here this winter. Have fun!


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