TV Interruptus Update

child-watching-television-silhouetteSo, I think it’s been about a month since the Dancing Chick and I started cutting TV out of our life. It has gone surprisingly well. I love having my new 7:30 to 3:30 schedule (only problem is that I have to work until 5pm on Wednesdays due to a staff meeting that is impossible to reschedule..believe me, I’ve tried!). I think that has made a big impact on how our evenings run.  Our get home time depends on the day of the week due to dance classes but once we get home, there’s no more automatic TV turning on.

 At first it was kind of weird, almost too quiet. Then while sitting and talking over dinner (now at the dining room table not the coffee table in front of the TV) those silent moments were really weird. Eventually those silences weren’t so awkward (awkward silences with my kid? I know, WTF?). It was like pulling teeth the first couple of days to get her to talk to me. Then, it was like a switch flipped and I couldn’t get her to stop talking and eat her dinner. I learned about the kids in her class (including the little bitch that has been “mean” to her. I still want to punch that one in the face but I’m an adult and I guess that is unacceptable). I’ve stopped worrying about what time it is. With me getting out of work so early, we have more than just two hours together at night. I’m not sitting there watching the clock tick and wondering how we are going to get everything done before bedtime. I’m actually sitting with my kid and listening and giving her advice that she is actually listening to. And with more time at night, I now remember to have her get her stuff ready for the next morning which makes for easier mornings.

  So, while I make dinner, Dancing Chick either does her homework or takes a shower or whatever other night thing she needs to do. After dinner is reading or play with Furball time until 7pm-ish. We watch TV from 7-8 (though sometimes DC asks if she can read more instead of watching TV, YAHOOOOOOOOO!!) then she’s off to bed at 8. Several times, I have turned the TV back off and sat and read some more of my book. This, in turn, has helped me save money. Because I’m not watching so much TV, my Tivoed stuff goes unwatched during the week. So, I’ve found that on Friday and Saturday night when I would  usually be watching a movie that came from Blockbuster Online, I was catching up on Tivoed shows. I’ve now cancelled my Blockbuster Online account saving me $16.99 a month!

So removing TV from our life has helped to:

  • Bring my daughter and me closer together.
  • Has us reading more books that we enjoy
  • Wasting less money on movie rentals.
  • Getting myself prepared for when I start classes up again in January.
  • Spending more time with Furball-In-Training so she learns how dogs are to behave in this house (she pretty much does whatever she wants right now).
  • And just basically having more relaxed quality time every night.

4 thoughts on “TV Interruptus Update

  1. cjrambling

    Isn’t it amazing how freeing no-tv can be? We’re working our way back to no TV on school nights and doing pretty good so far. I’ve also turned off the radio in the car for the most part. While singing along with the volume up and the windows down is fun, I find that Big Girl and I can have some pretty good car discussions as well. The information is fresh in her mind and since she’s not looking at me, she’s braver about her choice of topics. I’m learning that there was a lot I didn’t know about before.

    1. KA Post author

      That’s a great idea. I’ve actually started turning off the radio on my way to work when I’m by myself. It’s amazing the things that run through your mind. It’s my little mini meditation time. This morning I figured out how to fix a problem at work. Not having all that background noise is really a good thing, even though sometimes being left along with your thoughts can be very scary. lol

  2. Big City Dad

    Sadly when I need to do something while Miss M is there (make dinner, take a shower, etc), I many times use the TV as a baby sitter. That way I know where she’ll be and what she’ll be doing. Hate it though but at her age (3) it feels like a necessary thing. Maybe I’ll try when she’s a little older. Certainly agree with no tv on school nights.

    1. KA Post author

      That’s how it started for me too. I agree, it’s very easy to use the TV as a babysitter. Have you tried giving her some paper and crayons and telling her to draw a picture of something. Or maybe puzzles, whatever is her favorite thing to do. Or you can have something that she only does while she would normally be babysat by the TV. It could be like her special time, the only time she does that specific thing.


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