Baking Soda Tub Saver

go green bulbWhen I was looking at buying my house, there was a problem baking sodawith the well  causing there to be a lot of iron in the water.  They fixed it (by putting this giant tube thing with a water proof cap that sticks up on the left side of my driveway, bastards) but I was still left with bright orange and red sinks, toilet and tub. The tub was the worst.  I tried this Iron Out stuff that my mom gave me.  Now this is some super-duper harsh chemical stuff.  I put it in the tub, let it sit with the window open and the fan on.  I opened the door and was blasted with the worst shitty diaper smell ever.  I guess when it eats the iron it emits a shit smell.  I put on one of those masks and went to work on scrubbing it.  I could seriously only be in the bathroom for 30 seconds at a time.  My lungs were burning (even through the mask) and my eyes were burning balls (tehe, I said balls) in my head.  But I wanted to clean that tub and prove to my mother that I would not have to replace it.  I did this several times (every time Dancing Chick was out of the house so I was only causing my own lungs to deteriorate) but it didn’t get it all off.  I tried scrubbing it with Bon Ami and all those less harsh chemical cleaners but it never got all of it off no matter how hard I scrubbed. 

Then I was reading about the many uses of baking soda for cleaning.  I found out that baking soda actually lifts iron stains off of tubs and sinks.  So, I made the baking soda paste (three parts baking soda, one part water) and stuck all over the remaining red stains.  I came in, no mask needed, breathing perfectly fine and started to wipe it off with a sponge.  It just came right off! There were some spots that I needed to pull the scrub brush out for but it all came off!  I couldn’t believe it.  All those chemicals that I put into my house, my septic system, not to mention my lungs and eyes and all I needed to do was use baking soda. 

I started using it in the toilet and the sinks and it’s really just amazing. You don’t even have to make a paste.  Just use it like you would Bon Ami or any other chemical powder.  It’s cheaper too which is always a big plus! 

Give it a shot and let me know how it works in your house!


5 thoughts on “Baking Soda Tub Saver

  1. melissa

    I just recently switched to the arm & hammer laundry detergent cuz it’s about $5 for HUGE jug of the stuff. It doesn’t put a smell in the clothes, but works just as well as the $19 tide stuff.

    I’m going to try the baking soda paste! A corner of my shower has that iron stain and I can’t get it out. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. CJ

    I Love baking soda! So many uses…my favorite is the vinegar and baking soda drain cleaner. Works better than drano on a lot of clogs and doesn’t trash my on-it’s-last-legs septic. Plus the volcano action entertains the kids!

  3. Luxe

    I never thought of using baking soda to clean the tub. I will have to try it sometime. I do use it along with hydrogen peroxide to clean my mouth! it works wonders on whitening my teeth too. Check out my blog if you’re interested in alternative methods for taking care of things!

    See ya 🙂


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