A helpful place for single parents?!?!?!

classesI was reading at Single Parent 411 about taking parenting classes and decided to google and see if I could find one near me. I put single parenting classes in Google and there were maybe three or four links to parenting classes (two of which were not for single parents) the rest were all single parent dating. WTF?

Is that all that society thinks we worry about, how to date?  Yes, there are those select few single parents who worry more about their dating life than their family life but those are few and far between.  Why isn’t there help out there for single parents who want help parenting.  I know there are plenty of parenting classes but I want one specifically for what I need.  I hate it but I always feel like I’m being judged when I’m around married moms.  I’m not sure if they are threatened by me or if they just pity me. Neither of which is anything I want. I want a parenting class that I can go to and feel completely comfortable in.  And I don’t want the answer to problems to be let your husband take the kids or make your husband do more around the house to help you out. These are not answers to my problems.

I wonder what it takes to start a non-profit.  I would love to create a place where single moms can go to get the help they need,  judgement free.  There could be parenting classes, a gym, day care, mommy/daddy and me classes, workshops for single parents trying to go back to school or start their own businesses, a meditation center, a library of used book swap/store, all kinds of classes for the kids, a therapist on site, etc, etc, etc….on my.  I’m going to have to look into this.


10 thoughts on “A helpful place for single parents?!?!?!

    1. KA Post author

      I don’t mean to exclude married moms but I know there is a big difference in parenting. I really, really shouldn’t judge all married moms on the bad experiences that I have had but it’s hard when you’ve felt looked down on. There’s nothing I hate worse than that. The several cool married moms that I have met online are changing my mind about it though. 🙂

  1. Samantha

    I think that for single moms for so long we either had to be sluts with no real relationships or were destitute to a life of solitude…so when we broke out into the dating world publicly…it became a big deal. We had to make our claim that we are ok dating or not.

    You are right about the need for more services specifically for us. I hope you do start your non-profit. I started a group at my church recently, I’m posting about it on my blog and its been fun. That may be an easy place for you to start as well.

    I wish you the best of luck and will be checking back to see what you do!

    1. KA Post author

      Thanks hon! It’s terrible that we don’t have more support. We need to stop living on the sidelines and get our own Single Mommy clubs going.

  2. Single Mama NYC

    I have been thinking about starting a non-profit for single parents in mind! I was thinking of a place where single parents could go to get legal help, child-care coop, and maybe one or two other services – but I hadn’t even THOUGHT of parenting classes for single parents! That’s a fabulous idea. Maybe this is something we could work on togther!

    1. KA Post author

      I have a thousand other ideas for it too. I’ve done a tiny bit of research on the web but I don’t know where to start or if it’s even possible. I have no money and I can’t quit my job (because all my savings went to buying the house). I know that people who work for non-profits get a salary but I’m not sure how all that works. As you can see, I’m really confused at this point but so excited about the idea. Do you know anything about starting a non-profit?


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