Ok..then what would YOU do???

I just need to vent for a second. 

I’m so sick and tired of all the anti-Obama crap.  I wasn’t a big fan to begin with.  I saw the videos and my first thought was “oh great, make a terrorist our president.”  But after I actually sat down and used my brain (yes, we are allowed to do that, and some need to do it more) to think about it, I realized that is just ridiculous.  bin Laden is an extreme case, a crazy person and a word that I can’t think of right now (extremist, is that what I’m trying to say?).   All religions have them.  How many people were killed in the witch trials?   How many religious wars have there been? Islam doesn’t say to kill people.  These terrorists are reading into the Koran….kind of like how others read into the Bible.  All religious writings can be twisted around to mean whatever we want them to mean. 

31-Religious-Tolerance-Anti-TerrorismSo, anyway, even if he was a Muslim, big deal.  By the way, he’s not.  He’s Christian like all these idiots out there.  I personally wanted Hilary to win, mostly because she is a woman and I was really curious how a woman would run things.  She sure as hell couldn’t screwed up things worse than the boy’s club has.

Ok, back to my original thought process.  I’m so sick of all the poo pooing of everything that President Obama has done.  Do people realize how stupid they sound?  He’s a socialist, a communist?  Are you serious?  He’s not doing anything to help this country.  He’s been in office for 10 months.  It took Bush 8 years to screw things up so badly.  Yes, the economy is looking up and the fact that unemployment hasn’t decreased has nothing to do with that.  Company’s aren’t going to just start hiring or stop laying off because the economy is starting to look up.  Come on.  I’m not a business major and even I know that.  

And the blah, blahing continues to go on.  He’s doing this wrong, that wrong, can’t believe he did that.  It’s easy to sit on the sidelines and bad mouth the coach and players.  So either shut the fuck up or come up with your own game plan.  Convince me of a better way.  Don’t start fights at town hall meetings (idiots).  Don’t talk about how much money was used to bail out banks (idiots).  Don’t ramble on about how Obama wants to give everyone welfare (are you shitting me?)  Don’t tell me how horrible Canada’s healthcare system is (do some research, idiots) Tell me what you would have done or shut the fuck up!

OK..I think I’m better now.

(I really need to start meditating again!)


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