NECAP testing? More like NECRAP testing.

testThe NECAP is the state of New Hampshire’s Grade-Level Expectations test. Last week Dancing Chick’s class spent several hours each day “preparing” for the test. Um, isn’t this supposed to test whether or not the teachers are preparing our kids for real life, not whether or not the teacher’s can prepare them for the test? So not only are they being prepped for a test that is supposed to be testing what they know, they are also taking time away from the actual learning.

Then yesterday, on the way home from my Aunt and Uncle’s cookout (an hour and a half away from our house and we left there much later than I wanted to) my daughter tells me that she has to be in bed by 7:55 because she needs to get plenty of rest for the test. I feel very strongly about bedtime. There aren’t many times that I allow Dancing Chick to stay up late on a school night. I read an article about an experiment that was done with elementary school kids. Students who got A’s on a test, got B’s on the same test when going to bed 15 minutes later and C’s when going to bed 30 minutes later. So when I find out that her teacher is telling the class to get plenty of sleep so they would be well rested FOR THE TEST, I was really pissed. Um…what? I would have no problem with this if the teacher was telling them this all year. Isn’t it more important that they get enough sleep when they are actually learning? So I told Dancing Chick that I don’t care what her score is on the test because it really doesn’t matter. I explained that the teachers will get in trouble if they don’t do good on the test and that is why they are making such a big deal about it. And she told me that no, they don’t get in trouble. I made sure that she was very aware that these tests didn’t matter. Don’t get me started on the fact that the teacher’s allowed students to bring in gum and candy during the testing as long as they have enough for the whole class. WTF? Seriously?

There are so many things wrong with this picture that I just don’t know what to do. Can I go to school board meetings and say how ridiculous this whole thing is? Is there a way to get them to open their eyes and see how ridiculous this all is? Or does it need to be brought higher up? What is happening to our children’s educations?!?!? Isn’t this supposed to be the most important thing for our country? They are the future!


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