The unorganization of the overly organized.

constructionMy father decided when I bought the house that he wanted to build new cabinets for my kitchen. The project also included building a closet for Dancing Chick’s room and a coat closet. At first I went back and forth with whether or not to put in both closets. But it’s amazing how you never think about where to put a vacuum cleaner until you don’t have anywhere to put it.

Right now there is one cabinet on the wall and the rest of my kitchen stuff is in boxes and in old cabinets turned on their side on the floor. All of this is in the dining room along with the table and the shelves that I used downstairs in Dancing Chick’s playroom in our townhouse. Basically there is no room to move, never mind to find anything.

I am an extremely organized person. Everything has it’s place. I can’t relax unless the clutter is put away. Like right now, the dishes in the sink need to be washed (the dishwasher isn’t connected yet) and I’m having trouble not thinking about it. But I have homework that I need to do and I wanted to get this off my chest. I’m sure I will still do them before I go to bed because that’s just how I am.

I strongly believe that a clean living/working space creates a clean mind. I know that when my house or desk is a mess I feel less together and centered. And that’s how I feel with this kitchen remodel. Off center and half together. My poor father is working on this in all of his spare time, (well, when he hasn’t hurt his back trying to check Furball-in-Training or picking up drywall by himself) so I feel bad asking him how much longer he thinks it will be. But my god, I need some kind of time frame.

Am I just wacked or does anyone else have trouble being centered when things aren’t organized?


2 thoughts on “The unorganization of the overly organized.

  1. Vinomom

    That is the worst situation! When someone is doing you a favor but it ends up being….not so much of a favor….if you know what I mean! Don't get me wrong I would be forever grateful if someone would offer to come replace my cabinets! But I couldn't stand my house to be in disarray for more than a couple days! Hope it gets completed soon…

  2. -KA-

    Not only is he putting in new cabinets…he built the cabinets that he is putting in so he has put a toon of work into it. I'll have to upload a pic of the cabinets. They are awesome. I told my dad he should go into cabinet making.


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