Implementing plan of action for breaking tv addicton

child-watching-television-silhouetteSo, TV has been a huge part of my life since I can remember. I had a convo with my mom the other day on the way home from visiting my grandfather. She grew up with the TV always on in the background so we did too. Now it’s an addiction. I sit and say to myself “OK, one more show then it’s time to do some homework/cleaning/reading etc.” But it turns into hours. I don’t have time for that. I get stuff done during the commercials but when I think of all the time I am wasting when there are so many other things I want to do I could kick myself.

First I am going to try to get my work schedule changed. I want to work 7:30-3:30 so I can have more time with the Dancing chick at night. I would like to take the dogs out for a walk and cook dinner (and stop wasting money and fat on take out). That would also give me some time on Mon-Wed to get grocery shopping done or errands while she is at her dance lessons. Plus Grandma has been a bit much to deal with for her after school…that’s a whole other post.

Yesterday I left work at 4:15 and drove to get the two furry girls and then went back to get Dancing Chick at her lessons. We got home, she took a shower while I cooked pancakes for dinner. We sat at the dining room table and talked. Then, after she cleared the table, we sat and each did our homework. When that was done it was about 7:20. We had separate reading time and went to our couches and read. At 8:10 I said it’s bedtime and she begged me to let her read more. I was shocked but didn’t give in. So, I put her to bed, washed my face and the dishes, and sat down and did some more homework. I didn’t even turn on the TV until 9:30 and only allowed myself one 30 minute TV show and was in bed by 10:15 (well, fun reading in bed). Got up this morning at 6am and started the day.

This is about the hundredth time I have said that we are going to cut the TV out so I’m really hoping that I can do it this time. I want to get back to practicing guitar and reading more and just being more active with the girls. I know it’s mostly laziness. At the end of the day I’m just out of energy and I know why. I have a damn treadmill right in my bedroom so why can’t I get my lazy ass on it. I bought more yoga DVDs, I’ve opened the packages but haven’t done them yet. So what is wrong with me??? I know if I just start I will be fine, it’s the just starting that I have so much trouble with.


3 thoughts on “Implementing plan of action for breaking tv addicton

  1. CJ

    Here's a little trick I learned. Unplug the TV. Our TV plug is behind the entertainment center, so while I can get to it fairly easily, it does make me stop and think about what I'm doing when I have to get up and go plug it in to watch something. A tad bit more difficult than dropping onto the couch and hitting the remote button. It has the added benefit of being just slightly out of reach of Big Girl and Little Man so that they can't turn it on without Mom's permission. 🙂 If I never turn it on to start with, I'm less likely to get lost in the razzle-dazzle!

  2. -KA-

    Now that's a good idea. Only problem is that I have my brother's gigantic 62" tv while he is working in Saudi Arabia. He has it plugged into this big thing that makes these horrible beeping noises whenever the power goes out. I'm not sure if it needs to stay pludded inot that or not. I will have to email him. Thanks for the great idea!

  3. Vinomom

    I rarely watch television. I would estimate somewhere between 2-4 hours a week (not counting Raven's Games)I read A LOT. And I spend a fair amount of time on the computer in the evenings, which is really no better than TV. There is just not a lot on that intersts me. I have my Gray's Anatomy and Dexter and those are the only two shows that I won't miss.

    But I still have to listen to the tv in the background all the time cuz Lady H watches it constantly in the evenings!

    Good luck w/ cutting it out…I've got an elliptical and exercise videos and I'm not too motivated either!


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