IMGP1335Furball-in-training is doing much better. She was peeing in her kennel pretty much all the time. I would take her out and she would pee three or four times then come in and pee in her kennel. I wanted to pull my hair out. But now she is doing much better. Though she is still biting a lot. Not sure if that is because of the wrestling that her and the Wonder Dog do or just puppy biting. They get pretty rough and I don’t think that Furball knows that she is only 10 lbs. She jumps right on top of the Wonder Dog and takes her down. I don’t think it’s good but I don’t know how to stop it other then to keep them apart. The Wonder Dog seems to like wrestling with her but I’m not sure.


I think that she is part Jack Russell Terrier instead of Beagle so I’ve been doing some Googling on Jack Russells. Could be very bad if I don’t start training her. I’m just not sure of how much I should be doing and at what age. I’ve been watching “It’s Me of the Dog” and Victoria Stillwell has some really good ideas. I just have to find the time to use them.


4 thoughts on “Furball-in-training

  1. Vinomom

    That puppy is so adorable! And she does look like she has a bit of Jack Russel in her (not my favorite breed but still adorable)

    Anyways I can tell you one thing – your kennel is way too big and thats why she's going in it. You need a divider and they should only have enough room to turn around and lay down in.

    The nipping is just a puppy thing – victoria stillwell says to make a very loud high pitched squeal like the mother would if her puppy nips too hard. I love Victoria Stillwell. I tivo her episodes.

    Oh and also don't worry about her jumping all over your older dog. If the older dog doesn't like it Wonderdog will let her know! I used to worry about that as well, but if their tails are wagging they're good.

    I've been through all this puppy stuff and read a bunch of books and stuff so feel free to email me!

    Good luck w/ the little Furball. She's making me want another dog.

  2. -KA-

    See, that's my dilemma. The kennell in the picture is the one that I have in the living room. It is actually Wonder Dog's from when she went though a "I'm mad that you left me so I'm going to chew anything that I can get my teeth on" phase. I let Furball play in the one in the living room while I am doing dishes, homework or just not wanting to watch her every second. I have one in my bedroom that is just big enough for her to turn around and lay down in. I feel bad putting a divider in the one in the living room and taking away room for her to play while I'm too busy (or just being lazy).

    But, I am proud to say, that she has not peed in the house since Sunday! I'm thinking she may be getting the idea. When I ask if she wants to go outside she gets all excited and if she is out of the kennel, trots on over to the back door with Wonder Dog.

    I'll send you pics of her biting and peeing on the floor. That will help you not want another dog. LOL

  3. Vinomom

    I understand! We couldn't kennel our Roscoe because he actually hurt himeself from being left in there banging against the top of the crate. Then he actually flipped it over on himself one time in a panic. And that was the end of the kennel.

    So what happened to your testing post? Looks like you took it down? Made it to my google reader but when I went to comment it was deleted!

  4. -KA-

    Oh that poor puppy! He must have been so scared when that happened!

    I wrote that post in a blind rage last night so it wasn't very well written. I went back this morning and did some editing. It's back up now.


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