One more thing

We might be rescuing a puppy. We will meet her Saturday moring. According to the rescue org, she is a beagle/retriever mix but my cousin thinks that she may be Jack Russell mix with something. It makes me a little nervous because The Wonder Dog has been such a good dog. I barely had to train her and she listens so well. I’ve heard some bad things about jack russell terriers and their behavior. I’m afraid that I will lay eyes on this puppy and just lose all common sense. How could you say no to that face????

One thought on “One more thing

  1. sean

    as a brief ‘who the hell is….?’ : my name’s sean. i’m from montucky (montana) going to school in new york right now.

    a year after our family dog died, my mom couldnt resist getting herself a new dog. a nice little shitzu/chihuahua or something named rex. he’s a cutie as all dogs are and has fun terrorizing my gfunk (girlfriend) with his harmlessness since she is inexplicably afraid of all animals large or small.
    anyway, that’s not why i’m writing. i just wanted to say that i like ur blog. its the first blog i’ve ever read (i’ve even avoided my friends’) and it aint half bad. i dont like bullshit either, and life seems to be full of it. just gotta gut up and overcome. i’ll prolly read ur blog every once in a while so keep writing.


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