Why is it so horrible?

boysWhy is it so horrible that I like being single? Why is it that every time I say I just don’t want to put the energy into dating or a relationship I get “Well it’s worth it in the end.”? Seriously, it has never been worth my time…and then of course I get…you have to keep trying and one day it will be worth it. Why can’t I just enjoy my happy life? I have everything that I have ever wanted or need. It’s just so frustrating. I’m just tired of explaining it.


3 thoughts on “Why is it so horrible?

  1. vinomom

    It is definitely NOT horrible. I know why people bug you about it though. Because they are probably happy in their relationships and happy people want everyone ELSE to be happy. I know it’s sickening but The BF and I are so stupid happy now that it makes me want that for everyone else.

    Most likely it is when you AREN’T trying anymore that someone will come along. Or maybe they won’t and you’ll be completely content. Just remember you aren’t responsible for living up to anyone’s expectations but you’re own!

  2. April

    You might want to check out the Footloose Femails Yahoo group (there’s a link on my home page); all like-minded women that get it. It’s a nice haven for me because there are still so many that don’t.


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