go green bulbNow that we live near a lake (ok, it’s actuallymosquito a pond but lakehouse sounds so much cooler than pondhouse) there are a ton more mosquitoes. I walked The Wonder Dog and just barely stepped into the little woods behind our house and I had 5 of those little suckers on each ankle. I believe that all creatures are here to do a certain job and that they should all be appreciated for what they do. (I’m teaching my daughter to not step on ants like her papa does, or squish spiders because she likes the sound it makes and to just leave the bees alone-she got stung again today so that one is going to be even harder). But mosquitoes are just so annoying (as I scratch the bites on my leg). So, after doing some research on natural bug repellent, I tried Listerine, well, the cheap version of Listerine. I poured some into a old Lysol bottle that I rinsed out and sprayed it on the chairs to my deck set, under the umbrella, under the table, and on the bushes around the deck. Everything I read said don’t put it on wood. But even without spraying it all over the wood, only one little mosquito came near me after sitting there for 45 minutes reading. That little mosquito didn’t look too good though. He was flying all crooked like a plane going down. I did feel bad about that. I don’t want to hurt them, just want to keep them away from me. I also found some info on different plants you can plant in the yard to keep them away. I may try those.

I am also going to try spraying it around the area that I take The Wonder Dog into the woods to go potty. I will get back to you on that one.


3 thoughts on “Mosquitoes

  1. ilikelichen

    Hi, I am in a desperate search to find something that works. They stripy little flying things just love me! Maybe I could spray myself in Listerine?



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