What will go on here…..

1TjydFB_hAAEB9gEyicTeiW4B.largeSo this is what I’m thinking with this blog. I’m going to use this blog to spread the knowledge I have obtained in my life so far. I should have started this about 10 years ago. If I can help one person not make a mistake that I made then it will be worth it.
Some of the things I will be imparting my knowledge on are, but not limited to: Home-buying, home-owning (eventually, hopefully, repairing stuff around the house girl style), going green (I feel very strong about this), Buddhism, single motherhood, budgeting and saving money (two things I need to work on), books, using natural products, and anything else that may peak my interest. I am not an expert on any of these things, but I have learned a thing or two about them that work for me. Like Buddha said, give them a shot and see how they work for you. If they work, great. If not, I hope you find something that does.

I might also use this a bit as a journal too. I may talk a little bit about what is going on in my life. That may not be so interesting. I might even talk about what is on my mind…that could get scary. Consider yourself forewarned.

I have found that things that I get excited about don’t get the people around me as excited. So, I figure that here I can spread what I learn without annoying my friends that aren’t as interested in these things. And meeting more people with similar interests wouldn’t be so bad either. 😀

I just bought my first house and it has been a hellish journey. It was a foreclosure and people seem to think they know exactly how hard that is but there has been no story that compares with the major crap that I went through. I’m not even going to go into thright now because I have finally made it past all that and everything is in the house…….

So, I will start here, the after-closing time. I much happier and cheery place to be.

But one piece of advice about buying a home. Always, always, always, get an attorney. Even before you start making offers on houses. When you are doing your P&S your realtor will use a form that is generic and helps the seller if the buyer flakes out but doesn’t help the buyer is the seller flakes out! An attorney will help you put stuff in it that will protect you. And they will make sure that everything goes right at the closing. A good real estate attorney will not charge you if you don’t close so ask up front. I know a good one if anyone needs one.


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